Monday, August 30, 2010

A 4 year old's wisdom

Having taught day care, elementary school and then on to high school and college, there are those days where I've forgotten how wise a little one is.

My four year old just comes out with the funniest and true things throughout the day. He will do a total rundown of what is expected of his day. T will ask what day it is and say "Oh yea, today we will..." Wish my mind is always that fresh!

Now the biggest decision he is making these past few days is his toothpaste. Unfortunately we have an over abundance for him. I tried to be the good mom and wait until he could spit his toothpaste out (and not swallow it) before giving him some with fluoride. Well, his first dentist visit resulted in me being terrified that he shouldn't have anything with fluoride until he's at least 6 years old. We rushed to the store and picked up more toddler toothpaste. Now that it's almost gone I can't tear myself from finishing off the first three tubes we have sitting in the closet.

T came to me this afternoon and asked if he could brush his teeth. Boy was I excited to hear that! He said "I've been waiting to use my Toy Story toothpaste, so then I can watch Toy Story. The train toothpaste is for when I watch Mickey Mouse (he remembers MM with a train)." How logical is that!?! And a little scary, because he sounds just like me, slightly picky. And I love it!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Wednesday evening church came this week as usual. Dropped the kiddos off to their respective classrooms and left to get our coffee and snack before service started. Part of the joys of being in a bigger church, but not too big I might add, is that Wednesday night there are wonderful choices. Either it's a night of prayer in the chapel, a night of choir practice in the main sanctuary or in our case a night of service with the "younger" crowd. Okay, so when I say younger crowd I mean most people under the age of 60. It's hip, it's fun, it's a time of fellowship with preaching. There I go again, sounding like I'm hip and fun! I'm in my early 30s and get to hang out with hip and young students and hip and older friends, with everyone else in between.

I noticed as I was refilling my coffee that the sanctuary was being used differently than the usual choir practice. The Christian and American Flags filed in. Then it hit me--the Stars were being crowned. For those of you not aware. The Stars is a girl's group (where the boys are in Royal Rangers) that meet on Wednesday evenings. The girls are in Kindergarten through 5th grade and if they choose at the middle school level can continue in the group or go to youth. If a girl has completed a specific number of memory verses, projects, research and so on, they get "crowned" at the end of their learning.

Since my oldest is 4, he is in the group that is part of the kids club called Rainbows. He earns badges and is able to do all the fun things too. At his age the boys and girls are split up until Kindergarten when they go to either Royal Rangers (think Church Boy Scouts) and Stars (Church Girl Scouts). It immediately flashed in my mind that possibly he would be in there for the ceremony. So I sneaked over, like any good parent and stuck my face to the window in the door. Well technically, I had to stand on my tippy toes to look in... There he was.

We ditched our yummy coffee just in time to see our little T make it on stage to sing the club song.

My how adorable he is. Unfortunately he either forgot the words or just never really learned them. (Honestly, I don't sing the Rainbow theme song around the house so it hasn't sunk in his mind yet.) Instead of singing with the other kids, he stood there and swayed his head to the music with his eyes closed. Such a T thing to do. Then he saw me! He stood there and smiled and wanted to be with me. My heart broke when he realized that he was going back to the classroom without me. But he had fun and we loved seeing his first "performance."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The beginning of school

Yes, school has begun! My oldest is one year away from starting kindergarten and I think I've passed along the enjoyment of school.

My hubby and I are still in the process of deciding whether we will send our kiddos to public school, a christian school or home-school. It's a rough decision on so many levels. I don't want my kids to miss out on the enjoyment of school that I loved so much. Yet at the same time, things are changing out there. All our kids can learn just as much if not more from being home-schooled. Obviously I'm qualified enough to teach him. Knowing his strengths and weaknesses, with one-on-one time can really help the learning process to go farther and sink in much more.

While we are deciding, T (my oldest) will "begin his school year" here at home on Monday. He even starts back to his speech classes with the school system twice a week on Monday. Then in another week, music lessons on his teeny tiny violin. Life is about to be all scheduled out! And no one is more excited than myself and T.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a weekend

My hubby and I are sitting in our living room trying with all our might to get things accomplished with school and work. (Technically mine are entangled, they just flow together.) The difficulty is that we've had a few blows over the weekend. Both quite hard on us emotionally. One will be confirmed likely tomorrow, but that is to be kept between us and our parents for now.

The other is the loss of a dear friend. My hubby has known him since his youth. A mentor, a Christian Father figure, someone who was always there when questions needed to be asked. He so generously did our premarital counseling and continued to counsel us on other issues throughout our 13 years of marriage.

It's a tough blow to not only us but the hundreds, yes hundreds of men and women who knew him. We would be traveling and literally find someone who knew him. The world was never too big, he knew and remembered everyone's name! Of course the roughest will be on his dear wife, daughter and son-in-law. I cannot, nor do I ever want to imagine losing my bestest friend, my hubby. I'm sure age doesn't make it any easier. Thankfully, they just celebrated 36 years of marriage and had a wonderful vacation last month. So thankful that they were able to spend time together not just away from it all, but made it a priority to do daily.

A lot to learn from him. We will continue to grieve, but also continue to learn lessons from a great man. God has taken a truly wonderful man and brought him home!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Commas, Capitals & Crankiness

This semester is already proving to be a busy one. And it hasn't even started yet!

I'll be teaching three extra courses this coming semester that is new to me. I am more than thrilled. It's just going to take some more hours the first semester because of all the extra work. Picking out textbooks, writing syllabi, designing power points and getting tests together. Honestly, I enjoy it all. Yea, I'm somewhat of an education geek.

In knowing that I've got all this new stuff to set up, there is a chance that I will get a little less sleep. Here's to hoping that crankiness won't settle in but just keep on moving. In the meantime, vitamins are on my grocery list, sleep is on mine and the boys daily list and exercise will be a must. Have to keep the blood moving!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today, I've been flooded with emotions. It's all hit me at once and I'm not quite sure where they have come from.

I'm exhausted, my house is slowly becoming a mess (which for me is hard to allow), work is piling up around me, physically I'm exhausted (did I mention that already), obstacles have come in the way of some business goals and a hint of selfishness has settled in.

At this time I don't want to go into the selfishness stuff. But you probably know how it goes. You look at someone else's life and wonder, "Why hasn't that happened to me?" I absolutely LOVE the people and things of my life, but I am only human and have my moments. Thankfully it doesn't last long, but I feel horrible that I even have those thoughts from time to time.

I'm off to try and accomplish something around the house before heading to be. Good night blog world. Enjoy the rest!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another School Year

Another school year is about to begin. Though I'm not teaching at the elementary, or high school for that matter, level anymore I do enjoy all the hub bub of the beginning of the year.

My life is measured in school years. I have to literally take a step back when talking to someone other than a teacher about years and think about a year as in calendar year. Almost takes a little too much time to do that!

A favorite, probably THE favorite, store of mine is the local teacher supply store. Now once again since I teach at the college level, I don't get to grace it's doors as often. But when I do go, I can spend hours in there. Hubby always has that look like, "there is no way I am going with you there, because I will never see the light of day again" on his face. So usually I'm fortunate enough to step in kids, no hubby, just me and the supplies!

This year, my teaching load is down due to low enrollment, but I am happy to say that God still provides for me to be at home with the kiddos AND be able to teach courses. I was just handed three on-line courses to teach in addition to the four independent study courses and one practicum for my students. So EXCITED!!!

Another list, but I love lists! Here are the things (tangible and non) that bring up wonderfulness about school to me:
  • Yellow #2 Pencils-sharpened
  • Chalk and Chalkboard (which I can't get enough of...especially since marker boards are becoming a staple in the classroom)
  • Xeroxed worksheets
  • Teacher Manuals
  • Children's Books
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Crayons, markers, scissors, glue...
  • Plaid and Argyle patterns (on anything really)
  • Calendars
  • Suzy Zoo, Mary Engelbreit and Jan Brett
  • Grade Book (though we now must put the grades into computers)
  • The smell of the school--a clean school :)
  • Backpacks
Really the list could go on and on. I absolutely loved every single class I've ever had. Well except that one in college--but truly I heart school as much now as I did as a child.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Through this past year, I've been on a roller coaster emotionally. Many of you know the struggles we've been through and the joys we've been through. It's definitely taken a toll on me emotionally as well as physically. I haven't been able to do much physically due to a couple surgeries. Then it took time emotionally and mentally to get back into the game after being released physically.

In all I've found that I look at myself and feel like a teenager again. The self image I have of myself isn't all that positive. Though I know that the only person to change myself physically and mentally is myself. It's been hard. I don't want pictures taken because I'm afraid of how I will look. Yet the thoughts in the back of my head keep telling me that my children needs pictures with mommy. They also need a great womanly-Godly role model who will teach them what their future wife should be like.

So I've taken it to heart. There's a lot for me to do to change my thoughts towards who I am. The need to get physically, mentally, and emotionally fit is a huge must. It's time! In my first attempts, is taking a long hard look at myself. Yes, on how I talk about myself, but also physically.

Here are a few photo captions to see myself as the woman I am today.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Being HAP

Being HAP is discovering who I am along life's journeys. To those who know me, HAP is my initials. The initials that sum up a lifetime til now and a lifetime ahead. This is being HAP:

  • A wife, mother and teacher
  • reading a book paired with a hot beverage (tea, coffee or hot chocolate)
  • plaid and argyle
  • stringed instruments
  • color blue
  • school supplies makes my heart skip a beat
  • Victorian homes
  • old movies or romantic comedies
  • English
  • American
  • artistic and creative
  • writer
  • collector of purses
  • eclectic
  • smile when seeing and hearing my children
  • my heart belongs to only one and forever will
  • Living my life to hopefully please my Lord and Savior
 the journey continues...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Looking Forward to Yesteryear

Through these writings I'm excited to say that I'm looking forward to what God has in store for me and my family. So many things going on and so many things to share! Let's look forward to what will be our yesteryear!