Monday, August 30, 2010

A 4 year old's wisdom

Having taught day care, elementary school and then on to high school and college, there are those days where I've forgotten how wise a little one is.

My four year old just comes out with the funniest and true things throughout the day. He will do a total rundown of what is expected of his day. T will ask what day it is and say "Oh yea, today we will..." Wish my mind is always that fresh!

Now the biggest decision he is making these past few days is his toothpaste. Unfortunately we have an over abundance for him. I tried to be the good mom and wait until he could spit his toothpaste out (and not swallow it) before giving him some with fluoride. Well, his first dentist visit resulted in me being terrified that he shouldn't have anything with fluoride until he's at least 6 years old. We rushed to the store and picked up more toddler toothpaste. Now that it's almost gone I can't tear myself from finishing off the first three tubes we have sitting in the closet.

T came to me this afternoon and asked if he could brush his teeth. Boy was I excited to hear that! He said "I've been waiting to use my Toy Story toothpaste, so then I can watch Toy Story. The train toothpaste is for when I watch Mickey Mouse (he remembers MM with a train)." How logical is that!?! And a little scary, because he sounds just like me, slightly picky. And I love it!!!!

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