Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another School Year

Another school year is about to begin. Though I'm not teaching at the elementary, or high school for that matter, level anymore I do enjoy all the hub bub of the beginning of the year.

My life is measured in school years. I have to literally take a step back when talking to someone other than a teacher about years and think about a year as in calendar year. Almost takes a little too much time to do that!

A favorite, probably THE favorite, store of mine is the local teacher supply store. Now once again since I teach at the college level, I don't get to grace it's doors as often. But when I do go, I can spend hours in there. Hubby always has that look like, "there is no way I am going with you there, because I will never see the light of day again" on his face. So usually I'm fortunate enough to step in kids, no hubby, just me and the supplies!

This year, my teaching load is down due to low enrollment, but I am happy to say that God still provides for me to be at home with the kiddos AND be able to teach courses. I was just handed three on-line courses to teach in addition to the four independent study courses and one practicum for my students. So EXCITED!!!

Another list, but I love lists! Here are the things (tangible and non) that bring up wonderfulness about school to me:
  • Yellow #2 Pencils-sharpened
  • Chalk and Chalkboard (which I can't get enough of...especially since marker boards are becoming a staple in the classroom)
  • Xeroxed worksheets
  • Teacher Manuals
  • Children's Books
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Crayons, markers, scissors, glue...
  • Plaid and Argyle patterns (on anything really)
  • Calendars
  • Suzy Zoo, Mary Engelbreit and Jan Brett
  • Grade Book (though we now must put the grades into computers)
  • The smell of the school--a clean school :)
  • Backpacks
Really the list could go on and on. I absolutely loved every single class I've ever had. Well except that one in college--but truly I heart school as much now as I did as a child.

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