Sunday, August 8, 2010


Through this past year, I've been on a roller coaster emotionally. Many of you know the struggles we've been through and the joys we've been through. It's definitely taken a toll on me emotionally as well as physically. I haven't been able to do much physically due to a couple surgeries. Then it took time emotionally and mentally to get back into the game after being released physically.

In all I've found that I look at myself and feel like a teenager again. The self image I have of myself isn't all that positive. Though I know that the only person to change myself physically and mentally is myself. It's been hard. I don't want pictures taken because I'm afraid of how I will look. Yet the thoughts in the back of my head keep telling me that my children needs pictures with mommy. They also need a great womanly-Godly role model who will teach them what their future wife should be like.

So I've taken it to heart. There's a lot for me to do to change my thoughts towards who I am. The need to get physically, mentally, and emotionally fit is a huge must. It's time! In my first attempts, is taking a long hard look at myself. Yes, on how I talk about myself, but also physically.

Here are a few photo captions to see myself as the woman I am today.

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