Friday, August 27, 2010


Wednesday evening church came this week as usual. Dropped the kiddos off to their respective classrooms and left to get our coffee and snack before service started. Part of the joys of being in a bigger church, but not too big I might add, is that Wednesday night there are wonderful choices. Either it's a night of prayer in the chapel, a night of choir practice in the main sanctuary or in our case a night of service with the "younger" crowd. Okay, so when I say younger crowd I mean most people under the age of 60. It's hip, it's fun, it's a time of fellowship with preaching. There I go again, sounding like I'm hip and fun! I'm in my early 30s and get to hang out with hip and young students and hip and older friends, with everyone else in between.

I noticed as I was refilling my coffee that the sanctuary was being used differently than the usual choir practice. The Christian and American Flags filed in. Then it hit me--the Stars were being crowned. For those of you not aware. The Stars is a girl's group (where the boys are in Royal Rangers) that meet on Wednesday evenings. The girls are in Kindergarten through 5th grade and if they choose at the middle school level can continue in the group or go to youth. If a girl has completed a specific number of memory verses, projects, research and so on, they get "crowned" at the end of their learning.

Since my oldest is 4, he is in the group that is part of the kids club called Rainbows. He earns badges and is able to do all the fun things too. At his age the boys and girls are split up until Kindergarten when they go to either Royal Rangers (think Church Boy Scouts) and Stars (Church Girl Scouts). It immediately flashed in my mind that possibly he would be in there for the ceremony. So I sneaked over, like any good parent and stuck my face to the window in the door. Well technically, I had to stand on my tippy toes to look in... There he was.

We ditched our yummy coffee just in time to see our little T make it on stage to sing the club song.

My how adorable he is. Unfortunately he either forgot the words or just never really learned them. (Honestly, I don't sing the Rainbow theme song around the house so it hasn't sunk in his mind yet.) Instead of singing with the other kids, he stood there and swayed his head to the music with his eyes closed. Such a T thing to do. Then he saw me! He stood there and smiled and wanted to be with me. My heart broke when he realized that he was going back to the classroom without me. But he had fun and we loved seeing his first "performance."

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