Sunday, September 12, 2010

Camping 1.0

This weekend we took our first camping trip. There's a lake about an hour away that we've never been too. A friend of my hubby's told us it's a great place to camp and they do it often. So we borrowed their tent and hit the road.

Did you know that:
1. It's hot outside even in September
2. The ants in the woods are HUGE!!! I thought I despised little black ants...
3. Camping is not cheap, especially the first time you go
4. Tents take forever to set up and take down
5. Daddy Longlegs are really gross in the woods. They have red bellies instead. (If they are not daddy longlegs please don't tell me!)
6. Having to maintain the pit fire while my hubby and oldest son, T, went fishing made me cringe. I am just not good at that kind of thing.
7. While waiting for the boys to return I imagined a snake slithering outside my tent and pocking it's head into the flap. So I immediately zipped up everything I could to save ourselves.
8. I prayed for the rain storm that was suppose to come because it was so stinking hot out there. (Upper 80s isn't bad except I'm in a/c all day everyday at home...)
9. Only used the restroom once while we were there. That is a major feat for me who always (and I'm not being too dramatic here) always has to go!
10. The air mattress we bought was clearly smaller than the Queen size it stated. Not to mention when you sit on it, you sink to the bottom. 
11. We've decided unless we have a camp spot with electricity or a camper, we are not going camping again for a loooong time. My suggestion is when the kiddos are in their teens and we go in November when it's cooler and the bugs are hibernating.

Unfortunately, we only made it about 10 hours camping. We were all excited, got everything set up, the boys went fishing while myself and H took naps and then our experience was over. We all felt yucky, wanted a shower and to be in our cool home.

We packed up our vehicle during dusk and headed straight home. Two days later only a fraction of the vehicle is unpacked. I've still got to get the fishing poles and some camping gear out of the trunk. We are all feeling a bit under the weather, but enjoyed our "first" camping experience as a family.

The Jeep also enjoyed it's first outing in it's natural setting. It's like it was made to live out there in the woods. So pretty, but I know it's happy to be home as well!

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