Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Faith is a subject that is taught quite a bit in the church. Obviously, it's the basis for our trust in God and all that he is. I've grown up in church and have made it my basis for my life. Without God, I truly don't know where I would be today. What would I be doing today? Would my life be even half of what it is?

Last week I felt strongly for the first time to just wait on God for an answer. The first day was rough. I admit it, but it kept me seeking Him for an answer. Then it was as if I was to continue to wait day after day until the answer was to be made. I agreed. Then on day three it was as if God said 'it was done.' The seeking Him and His answer was to come and I could continue my life as normal.

Let me be clear. I didn't "hear" God audibly, nor did He write His words down on a piece of paper. It was that I felt compelled to take a certain time of my day and just listen. Let other things be on the side (tv, reading, etc). Then there was a peace after wards.

It wouldn't be until yesterday when we truly had the answer. It was such an amazing feeling! Though the answer wasn't exactly as we would have liked, it still has blessed us and we are extremely grateful. God has this timing thing down and along the way he teaches us to be faithful to Him. Without faith we can't truly let God into our lives. He wants to do more and we must trust Him with every little detail.

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