Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Struggling with Discipline and Childhood

As my gets older and older, I'm finding myself struggling. Being a former elementary teacher I'm quick to keep children on task but still make life fun and enjoyable. Yet there are times that I'm not sure it always translates really well to the home.

Keeping T on task is not a problem. The struggle I'm feeling is where does my teaching him to become a great person meld into him just being a kid? I want him to have fun without always having strict structure. Sneaking on the bed and jumping up and down. Eating a Popsicle outside in the summer. Some things that are part of being a kid!

In the near future we are taking our first camping trip as a family. Well, technically it will be my first camping trip--ever--as well! I'm nervous because of the bugs, the sleeping in a tent thing and so on. Pretty much I'm a stay inside and enjoy tv or games or whatever instead. Yet I think this is another aspect that T and H need to experience in their life. It may be a little early (4 years old and 8 months old) but they will have these memories of their childhood forever.

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