Friday, October 29, 2010

Crawling or Walking?

Little munchkin has decided that crawling just isn't quite good enough. At this age we are still working off the premie time-line which means he hasn't quite reached the 9 month mark yet, though in real-time he just turned 10 months. Confused yet?

Anyways, H began really booking it around the house oh, last week. He follows us wherever he goes. The gate is now part of the household attire and part of the squish-your-face-on-it-because-I'm-really-sad-that-mommy-is-in-the-next-room routine. Tuesday I found him sitting comfortable on his knees trying to reach some things on a higher shelf. The next thing I knew H was pulling himself up on me and the automan. Too much too soon for this mommy! At this rate he'll be walking before his first birthday. Be still my heart.

Forgive the blurriness due to his active movement, but you've got the picture to prove he's well on his way to chasing his big brother around!

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