Thursday, October 7, 2010


Though I would have much rather curl up and hide in the house last night with the insurmountable heaviness I was feeling, little T wanted to go to church. He loves it and I would have it no other way. Yet I was just in too much pain and numbness to go.

So I packed the kiddos up, since my hubby needed to be home to rest for the over time he was blessed to get this week! (Yea!) Dropped the kiddos off at their respective places and headed to service. I got my coffee, talked to a colleague and then awaited what I hoped (but wasn't sure) would be a refreshing.

Thankfully, God worked in the praise and worship part of the service. I was ready for the message! God had other ideas and used the songs and His presence there as my refreshing. Baby H decided that his teething and usual snuggle time with Mommy was just too important for the nursery workers. I headed down to a sobbing H and took him to the foyer. We snuggled, we played with his toys, we listened to white noise and then just gave up. His big brother wasn't quite done in class but we still picked him up early.

I am really thankful that even though I wasn't 'there' for the message that God still helped to refresh me. The things and circumstances haven't disappeared or gotten better...yet...but His hand in my life is still there. Just needed to hear it from Him.

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