Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Weekend

This weekend we spent a lot of time together! How I love seeing all my boys at the same time and it's all quality plus quantity. "Heart!"

This weekend I began watching the Food, Inc movie. After the first few minutes it showed some little baby chicks going up a conveyer belt in a factory and then drop off. Though I was watching it while T was playing he stopped for a second to see the tv and almost began crying. Promptly the tv was turned off and my hubby and I watched the show together later. Afterwards we both vowed to eat healthier and change the food we buy. Once we are able to actually afford to do so, we will be purchasing locally grown and bred (organic) meat and veggies. In our next house a garden will go in as well. I remember reading The Jungle in high school English class and somewhat thought of this in the same terms. There is something wrong with the way food is going about being processed and it just isn't healthy. It's hard enough to stop eating sugar and fat, but add other chemicals to foods, no wonder our health is in dire need of help!

This weekend I caught up and fell behind and caught up again on laundry. It's all nicely washed and folded again, but will need to be put away tomorrow.

This weekend I finished two assignments of oh 13. Yea, still have a ways to go. That doesn't count the two whole classes I've done nothing with but listen to the Bible on ITunes.

This weekend my little 9 month old H has begun to book it all over the house. He's now too fast for me to leisurely get up from the couch and get him before he gets into something. The gates are up, the toys are arranged to keep him squared in and big brother has no problem letting me know when H is up to no good :) This is where the energy for myself really needs to start flowing and where I know my daily exercise will increase.

This weekend I also realized that the "no" and light booty tap (really light because those cloth diapers are quite thick) is coming back to the household. Laying the foundation of consistency now before H gets too old will make for a much easier and smoother ride in the future. Because then all I have to do is have "that look" and he'll know. Of course at the age of T I'm having to restructure discipline slightly. He is a huge structure boy. If things are changed slightly, he breaks down. So I have to keep things as consistent as possible. Nap time at 2pm--any later then the rest of the evening is chaotic.

Speaking of sleep, I must get some! Love the quiet of the house at this time of night, but I've got to have energy to enjoy the kiddos in the morning :)

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