Monday, October 18, 2010

A walk can tell a story

About a week ago, my hubby's "new" (new to us) truck's brakes went out on his way home. Thank the Lord He brought him home safely. Since then we are down to one vehicle again. Honestly, I'm more than okay with one vehicle. It's only been two months where we've had two in well over 4 years. The only concern is having to take T to his speech therapy twice a week at the school for half an hour.

Instead of taking hubby to work, I got out of my comfort zone and decided to take the double stroller on a walk. With half an hour before having to be at the school, I loaded up the kiddos in the stroller, said a prayer of safety and marched down the street. H loves the outdoors but in the area we live in (break-ins during the day light hours too) I'm not too enthusiastic about hanging out outside.

T shouted, "This is a great idea Mommy! Let's get an Icee afterwards!" Though the Icee sounded perfect, it was in the opposite direction and on a busy street. Instead we did make it to the school 20 minutes early so we headed directly across the street to Walgreens and purchased a sprite. H on the other hand held onto the cup holders with his cute little fingers and laughed the whole way there.

While waiting for T to get done, H played with his toys in the stroller, laughed at kids and adults walking by and I so thankfully finished writing a test for my students. We headed home and I am so thankful for the fresh air, time with my kiddos away from the house, getting some much needed exercise (which I am paying for already--but will get better over time) and getting more accomplished than normal. Most importantly I always feel very refreshed by God while I'm outside in nature.

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  1. Good for you for walking! That's one thing that drives me crazy about this city (well, a lot of American cities) is how impossible/difficult it is to walk places. And those places we could walk to we don't because, well, it's not the norm!