Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jingling a little earlier

I LOVE the Christmas holiday season. In the past it seems that it goes too quickly. I'll wait and wait until after Thanksgiving to take out the Christmas music, movies and decorations. By the time I have them up, it almost seems like it's over.  Couple that with the fact that H came only two days after Christmas last year, I've decided to bring Christmas a little earlier to our household this year.

We are traveling to my hubby's hometown for Thanksgiving next week. Therefore T and I will start the decorating process early next week. I'm so excited. The only thing is what do I do with my tree and a 11 month old? He's into everything right now and I don't want him into the tree. It'll take some more planning for me.

I've vowed to have the decorations put away the day after Christmas so not to meld it with H's birthday celebration. It's all exciting and daunting, but so glad to try it all out.


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