Monday, March 7, 2011

Reflection and Renewal

This past week has been a time to step back and reflect. I am truly thankful for these times. Too often we can get wrapped up in all the things to do and not be thankful or get refreshed.

Over the past year, the sound and feel of my car has changed. We've taken it numerous times to the dealer, but each time they hadn't found anything wrong. Then after picking up my kiddos from the babysitter, the engine light that has remained on began blinking. The engine puttered and I knew it was the moment that they would find something wrong. And I was right!

The boys and I have been "stuck" per say, at home for almost a week. Though heading to the grocery store is imperative at this point (with needing whole milk for a one year old), I am more than happy to just be content here while things get fixed. In a way I wish my life was more like this one I'm playing this week (minus the homework). Being able to not run my household on a schedule of outside schooling, snuggling with my munchkin who is teething a little longer and looking forward to what is to come.

I'm happy that God chooses moments like these, though not always convenient with our schedules, to give us a time to take a step back and get the important things done in life. We have a big change in our lives coming up with graduation. I can feel it. And I am ecstatic at all the possibilities layed out before us. I'm also putting my trust in God that He has it all under control. Thank you God for giving us times of reflection and renewal, for we need it more than we think!

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