Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not forgotten

I've been gone for much longer than I had ever thought I'd be from this blog! So many things have happened in the months since my last post. Let's do a quick run down of what has transpired since our last chat.

1. We made it to Disney World and enjoyed EVERY.single.minute. In reality we are hoping to take another trip next year if all works out.

2. My hubby walked the line with his Bachelor's Degree in May. After finishing up a couple courses this fall, he'll officially be done. Hallelujah!

3. Hubby also got his credentials to be a minister. So proud of him for sticking it out!

4. We accepted a job, that has been on our hearts since we were dating all those years ago. We became houseparents at a children's home a couple of weeks ago. It's been a whirlwind, but exciting all at the same time.

That leaves us to today. It's been two weeks since we unloaded the UHaul and began a new life. The emotions and uncertainty and change made it a tad, well emotional. I finally got almost every single box out of our house, but have a ton to figure out in the garage since yesterday. One of my besties and her family accepted a job here too, the same weekend we moved. So today, they moved in to their cottage. All the emotions I felt are flooding her at the moment and I feel for her. Yet, I've moved to a new place in my emotions of feeling settled finally, and I know it will take a bit of time, but she'll be there soon too! How amazing it is to share this opportunity together with my hubby as a couple, but then to throw GREAT friends into it as well and we can't say anything more than we are blessed!

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